Princess Zelda
Shannon symonds zelda full view cropped ver 2

Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) in-engine full view. All the in-engine shader consisted of was the diffuse, normal and alpha maps. Roughness was set to 1 and metal was set to 0. 23, 315 tris in total.

Princess Zelda in Sketchfab

Shannon symonds zelda gif

UE4 in-engine turnaround

Shannon symonds zelda close up smaller size with name
Shannon symonds zelda angles

Different angles, UE4 In-engine

Shannon symonds texture layout template

The normal, diffuse and alpha maps. The base for the diffuse was made in Substance Painter and then finalised in Photoshop.

Shannon symonds face topo

The body and hair were retopologized in mainly Topogun with some fixes made at the end in 3Ds Max.

Shannon symonds mesh

All hard-surface models were made in 3Ds Max such as the breastplate, arm guards and boots. The same goes for the fabric.

Shannon symonds sculpt work

Sculpt work created in ZBrush. The body (including shorts, gloves and leggings), hair, eyes and shoulder frills were sculpted for use as a base, in the normal and to generate a AO map that could be used as part of the diffuse texture creation.

Shannon symonds concept images

The main concept used was the image at the top middle. The rest of the images were used for design tweaks made to the main concept art and also for texture/colour reference.

My own take on the famous character from The Legend of Zelda - Princess Zelda herself! The entire process took 4 weeks to complete from sculpting, modeling, retopoligizing, texturing and setting up in-engine. I love the series, and so I decided to take the concept used for the game Hyrule Warriors but add my own tweaks to it. The idea was to make her look a little more mature/serious, especially in comparison to the original concept. I used reference images of the Twilight Princess version of Zelda to do this as the game itself has a darker atmosphere. The colour purple to me seems both more royal and serious as opposed to the playful pink in the original image, so I changed the colour scheme and made her hair darker as fairer hair makes her look younger. I hadn't had much experience creating a hand-painted style character so creating Zelda in this style felt suitable and was great practice.